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Permanent Post and Wire Electric Fence

Although most commonly seen in the Dairy Industry this type of fencing is also a popular and cheaper option for internal fences for dry stock cattle properties as well. We have constructed permanent 3-4 wire electric post and wire fencing internal and boundary electric fences on dairy farms and dairy runoffs across the Bay of Plenty and the Waikato. We specialise in dairy conversions, paddock subdivisions, and boundary fences both on the diary platform and grazing blocks. 

Fencing off Waterways

In accordance with the Sustainable Dairying Water accord; all stock have to be excluded from "any permanent flowing rivers, streams, drains and springs, more than a metre wide and 30cm deep" also " all lakes" and "any significant wetlands, as identified in a regional plan or policy statement, must also have all stock permanently excluded" 

Things to consider when fencing off waterways

  • Is the area prone to flooding - allowances have to be made for the water flow and possible flooding, as well as the materials used when it comes to planing where and how the new permanent fence should be erected.
  • Look at the bigger picture. Is there a possibility when planning this fence to improve ease of stock movements or better grass management.


Electric Fencing Repairs

Ask 4 Us ltd can come out on farm and run a diagnostic quote for your electric fence repairs. We methodically work our way our from the unit supplying the power to the grounding equipment through to the materials used to transfer power around your farm or grazing block. We have a life time of experience dealing with faults and servicing of electric fences on both dry stock and dairy platforms and can provide you with quality reliable repairs. Our services include

  • Fault finding
  • Upgrading/replacement of all wires including underground wire
  • Replacement of damage insulators
  • Addition of extra grounding pegs
  • Strainer and post replacement


We can Help!

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