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Nicola_making_up_foots_for_strainer_ask_4_us_tauranga.jpgWhy use Ask 4 Us fencing Ltd when it comes to fencing repairs on your farm or lifestyle block?

Ask 4 Us Ltd has a experienced team that can alter or repair existing fence lines including hard to reach places and difficult terrain. All of our repair work is done on an hourly rate and we can provide estimations of cost but it is sometimes difficult to know the full extent of the repairs given until work is underway. Ask 4 Us Fencing will also give you and honest and reliable recomendation on whether it would be financially viable to repair and existing line or if replacing the line with a new fence would be more cost effective. We work closely with our clients when we undertake any repair work and always advise them should something come up that was not part of the original estimate first. 

Repair_Fencing_Contractors_Tauranga_.jpgRepair Fencing

In a lot of cases the cost of repairing an old fence can be higher than putting in a new line but if the overall structure of the fence is still in a good working order then we can do the following


  • Replace old strainers or angles
  • Replace old wires
  • Replace  broken posts/battens
  • Replace wire with netting
  • Re hang or put new gates into an existing fence line

Never seen as good as a result... 

"George said that he has worked with many fencing contractors in his years and he has never seen as good a result as what you did for him".

Crawford and Company New Zealand 

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Repair_fencing_Ask_4_Us_Limited_Bay_of_Plenty.jpgWhat to do next?

If you are looking at having your fence repaired or your fence line altered then give us a call, email us, or fill out our online form

We will be talk with you about your requirements and book a time to come out on farm and provide you with either an estimate of cost or if replacement is a more viable option a quote to replace. We can supply the materials for the repair or you can source them yourselves.

If your happy to accept our estimate or quote and sign our terms of trade we will book in a date to start the work. 

While we complete your job we will keep you informed of how the job is progressing and let you know ahead of time if there are any changes from the work that we have discussed previously.