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At ask 4 us fencing, we take pride in constructing you a quality post and batten fence that not only stands the test of time and does the job but also looks great and adds value to your property. We specialise in 7, 8 and 9 wire fences, and 3 and 4 wire electric fences.

These fences are often referred to as a conventional farm fence, there are many different options when thinking about post and batten fences and we have listed a few below but if your in any doubt as to what would suit your needs then give us a call or contact us via email, or by our online form and we will help you sort it out.



Ideal for drystock and boundary fences

What to think about when looking at a new post and batten fence?

What sort of stock do you have on your property? 

Is it and internal fence or a boundary fence
Does it need to be electrified? If so how many wires
As a general rule of thumb Post and Batten fences are between 7-10 wires, the wire is usually either 2.5mm High Tensile or in some case 4.0mm Soft wire (the good ole #8 wire). Posts used can be full, half or quarter rounds and are generally placed between 3-5 metres apart depending on the contour of the ground. Battens are used to increase the strength of the fence and range between 3-5 battens per post spacing. 


Boundry_fence_between_neighbours.jpgLegislation in regards to Boundary Fences

All Information on the rules around what constitutes a proper rural boundary fence falls under the Fencing Act 1978 and can be found on the New Zealand Legislation website under  rural fences. When it comes to securing your stock from getting onto roads or neighbouring property there are also three other pieces of legislation that can affect you. The first is the Impounding Act 1955 it discusses the protection of road users and neighbouring properties from wandering livestock and what can be done if this happens. The second is the Animals Law Reform Act 1989, it talks about the the responsibility of those in charge of stock and the compenstation liability that they may face should they not take"reasonable care" to see that no damaged is caused by there stock straying onto the roads. Finally the Crimes Act 1961 which discusses what you may be criminally liable for if your stock wanders onto the road and you are found deemed to not have taken appropriate steps to secure them.

Fantastic! What a great team!...

Fantastic! What a great team! These guys worked tirelessly, it’s great to see a Husband & Wife team working together, the fencing they did for us is excellent, the advice & recommendations they offered at the initial quote and during the process was spot on and the quality of the job is excellent! We wanted some internal fencing to keep our mini highland cows contained, Nicola advised us to choose 9 wire fencing that can contain most animals she said good fencing should last up to 50 years so to chose fencing with changing needs in mind. Efficient, quick and they are completely self sufficient! Highly recommended.

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Client Feedback

"Hi Guys, I just want to thank you for the fantastic job you did for us in Te Puna. It has been a pleasure dealing with you both. Clear concise communication and excellent workmanship. Looking forward to catching up soon for the other job I mentioned and all the best for 2018."

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